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Italian sterling silver tastevin - mark of BULGARI -
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240,00 EUR
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Italian sterling silver tastevin - mark of BULGARI

of circular shape with side grip, the bottom set with the following coin: Maxentius (306-312 AD) - Follis datable to 307 AD. Aquileia. Obv/ IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG, laureate head of Maxentius right. R/CONSERV VRB SVAE. The goddess Roma seated left holding an orb to Maxentius facing him; all within a tetrastyle temple. Sterling silver, hallmarked ""925 - BVLGARI - ... Roma"".

Height 2.2 cm, diameter 8.2 cm, width with handle 11.3 cm. Weight 112 g.

Item condition grading: **** good.

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