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Oval tablet in polychrome majolica.
Recto: all-round painting of "San Girolamo penitente con leone, crocifisso, e in alto angioletti" (Saint Jerome the Penitent with the Lion, Crucified and Little Angels at the Top), in a country landscape, dominated by a sweet colouring with predominance of yellow and blue. Among the angels a ray of light comes from above on the saint who holds a stone in his hand to inflict penance. At the foot of the Crucifix appears the skull of Adam, while the lion posing gracefully rests the leg healed by the saint.
The Saint is sitting on a rock in a rural landscape while the angels are at the sides of a light that comes from above to illuminate the whole scene, the color changes from gold to soft green with touches of blue on the left. The pictorial ductus is part of the production of the "white compendiaries" of Castelli and clearly recalls a painter of majolica, conventionally called "Master of the Annunciation" who signed an extraordinary majolica in 1584 and whose hand is felt until the first decade of the '600. See the previous panel.
Cm. 19 x 25.5. Cond.:intact.

Castles, Master of the Annunciation (attr); 16th century, last decades.

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