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Лот 143

1860, 40c. Pink Dark Lilac (Purplish) N.16Cf, used. The collection's key piece is defective.

500,00 €

Лот 144

13.01.1863, 80c. N.17b Ochre Pale Orange, used very late in Turin. Margins in excellent condition, the lowermost one shrinks towards the ...

62,50 €

Лот 145

1861, 3L. N.18 Copper. The two upper stamps are hinged, the lower ones are gummed. Some rusty blemishes, but no hidden flaw. (B)

Базовая стоимость лотов:
100,00 €
Текущее предложение:
110,00 €

Лот 146

11.10.1861, letter fragment featuring a mixed postage from Sardinia/Tuscany composed of a 20c. Ultramarine Blue 15Dc from Sardinia's IV ...

250,00 €