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Aureliano Pèrtile (Montagnana 1885 - Milano  1952)
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Aureliano Pèrtile (Montagnana 1885 - Milano  1952)

He was born 18 days after his friend and fellow countryman Giovanni Martinelli, in a very modest family: his father was a shoemaker. As a teenager she studied singing in Padova under Vittorio Orefice guide and later in Milan with Manlio Bavagnoli, debuting February 16, 1911 at the Teatro Eretenio of Vicenza in Martha. While lacking a naturally beautiful stamp, she was able to give voice to a near-perfect set. Riccardo Zandonai, after listening to him in 1914 for Conchita, she sensed right away the lofty quality and in 1916 she took La Scala in Milan in his Francesca da Rimini; Giacomo Puccini in 1917 chose him to play in Genoa The swallow, while in 1920, the Arena in Verona, was a great success in Mefistofele and Aida. After his debut at the Metropolitan in New York at the end of 1921, the year after Arturo Toscanini chose to interpret the even Mephistopheles Scala. He began from that moment his association with the great director, he saw this in the Scala Theater from 1922 to 1927, the five-year plan of opera. Since then Pertile was considered the "standard of Toscanini" by definition and participated in almost all of Scala opera seasons until 1937, to close in 1943 with Un ballo in maschera. He also performed in all the major opera houses of the world, keeping in baptism, among many other minor works, the two works of the same name Nerone by Arrigo Boito (1924) and Pietro Mascagni (1935). He closed his career at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma in 1945, even with Boito's Nerone. In addition to many individual songs, he recorded three complete operas: Aida, Il Trovatore and Carmen. Leave the scenes, he devoted himself to teaching at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, and had among his pupils Virginia Zeani, Gino Penno, Eugenio Fernandi, Pier Miranda Ferraro, Angelo Lo Forese, Rosanna Carter. The tomb of Aureliano Pertile is located in Padua, in the Cemetery, Area C, in a family chapel. Photography of content in the guise of "Othello."
Excellent condition
Photography; 10,5x14 cm
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