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BREDAAirplane model BA 65 -
3.000,00/4.000,00 €
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500,00 EUR
1.800,00 EUR
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Airplane model BA 65

Magnificent metal model of the BREDA NIBBIO BA-65 monoplane single-engine assault bomber with low wing produced by the Italian company Società Italiana Ernesto Breda from 1936 to 1939. Made by the same company Breda for propaganda, original of the time, in brass sheet chromed, boxed (therefore not metal fusion), equipped with revolving and extractable gun turret, extractable carriages, anaca with rotating propeller and dismountable radial star motor. Original support base, in chromed metal, made by G.FERE 'of Cinisello (punched on the edge) with BREDA engraved in italics. On the fuselage is engraved BREDA 65 and the fascist frieze used on the Regia Aeronautica aircraft
Approx. size 48 cm wingspan, length 37 cm, base height 32 cm. Trolleys equipped with extraction and withdrawal movement, mechanism to be fixed. Original but damaged decal insignia. Original celluloid to the cockpit with little lack. In good general condition

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