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A fine late classical greek agate intaglio. Bull. -
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A fine late classical greek agate intaglio. Bull.

Late 5th - early 4th century B.C.
13x17x4 mm

The powerful animal is facing right, charging. This iconography is typical from the classical greek period coinage. The bull, symbol of strength and power, is engraved with great skill and shows a well-marked musculature. In addition to the anatomical rendering, the pose and some details such as the tail are also well rendered in the typical late classical style. The shape of the bezel probably derives from a scaraboid seal subsequently cut out, again in antiquity and perhaps in Roman times, given the marked signs of ancient wear on the entire stone. The choice of stone reflects the artist's engraving artistic sensitivity, in which the white band follows the base line of the ground where the powerful paws of the animal rest. War marks. Rare.
J. Boardman, Intaglios and Rings. Greek, Etruscan and Eastern from a private collection, n. 47 p. 91 (A plunging bull. Late fifth - fourth century BC). J. Boardman, Greek gems and finger rings. Early bronze age to Late classical, n. 498-499 p. 289. For this and the walking bull types on coins of Thurium and Philius.
U.K. private collection

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