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Info - Web-Auction 97


- To participate in the award of lots, to follow the progress of the auction, or even just to check or raise last minute bids already made, you will need to register at Live Bidding. If you have already registered for a previous Live sale, you will not need to make a further recording. If you haven’t registered yet, you have to go on http://auctions.bertolamifinearts.com/la/login.php and click on the record button.

- From 12:00pm CET of 27 and 28 March 2021 will start a virtual auction which will award lot by lot considering, as a traditional auction, of all bids arrived earlier. The link of platform of Live Bidding of Bertolami Fine Arts is: https://auctions.bertolamifinearts.com/la/login.php?Lang=EN

- The lots are definitely awarded on the days of sale. The auction will take place the 27 March 2021 from 12.00pm CET for lots 1-1467 and the 28 March 2021 from 12.00pm CET for lots 1468-2765. The days of the auction the participation can be made by Live platforms of Bertolami Fine Arts.

 - The absentee bids may be placed through our website (www.bertolamifineart.com), Sixbid (www.sixbid.com), Biddr (www.biddr.ch), Emax (www.emaxbid.com), fax, email, phone or directly to the offices of Bertolami Fine Arts. Absentee bids by fax, email, phone or directly in our offices should be send within the 7.00pm CET of the previous Friday of the day of the Auction (26 March 2021). Absentee bids on our website will be close 5 lots before the definitely awarded on Live Bidding of Bertolami Fine Arts.

- The minimum bid for each lot is the opening price shown in our website, lower offers will not be taken into consideration.

- In the event of matching bids on the same lots, the earliest bid will take precedence.

- In the case of only one bid on a lot, the lot will awarded at the opening price. (e.g. if the opening price is € 1.000 and the only bid offered is € 1.500, the lot will be awarded at € 1.000).

- In the case of multiple bids on the same lot, it will be awarded to the highest bid. The calculation of the offer will be made at

predetermined increments added to the bid immediately lower than the highest received. (e.g. if the opening price is € 1.000 and customer (A) offers € 1,270 while customer (B) offers € 1,800, the lot will be awarded to customer (B) at € 1,370 (with a predetermined increment of € 100 over the immediate lower bid of € 1,270).

- The realized sale prices list will be published on the website, www.bertolamifinearts.com within five days of adjudication.

- Payment for the purchased lots may be made by the following methods:

• bank cheque or cashier’s check in favour of Bertolami Fine Arts s.r.l. with surcharge of € 10 for foreign checks.
• credit card Visa, MasterCard and American Express
• Paypal
• Direct bank transfers in Euro may be made to Bertolami Fine Arts s.r.l. with surcharge of € 10 for outside European:
- BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas - IBAN: IT23W01005 03240 0000 0000 1421 - BIC(Swift): BNLIITRR
On the invoices paid by bank transfer, cheque or cash will not be added a surcharge of Administration fees of 3,5%.

- The successful bidder will pay a commission to Bertolami Fine Arts, for each lot, of 20% on the hammer price. All lots purchased on the Live-bidding system are NOT subject to other increments. 

- Payment of purchased items must be made within 7 days from receipt of the invoice. If the invoice hasn’t been paid within 30 days following adjudication, will be charged a penalty of 1%/month on the amount of the unpaid invoice.

- Any customs charges, export license and shipping costs will be charged to the buyer. In the case of unjustified contestation, by which the items are returned to BFA, any customs and shipping costs will be payable by the buyer. The waiting time for export permits isn’t less than 60/90 days from date of request at the competent Export Office. The license application is submitted to the ministry upon full payment of the lot and the express request of the buyer.

- The descriptions on the catalogue are opinions expressed in good faith.

- All items are guaranteed authentic. 

- In case of discrepancies, the online version of these terms of sale prevails.

- All participants should read the terms of sale of the auction that will be accepted automatically at the time of participation in the auction.

Amount bid

Predetermined increase





















Web-Auction 97


Auction realized in collaboration with Numismatica Felsinea S.r.l.

Auction Times

  • 27th March 2021 from 12:00 noon CET (Italian Time) lots 1-1467
  • 28th March 2021 from 12:00 noon CET (Italian Time) lots 1468-2765


Absentee bid
The absentee bid will be close 5 lots before the definitely awarded on Live Bidding.

Buyer's fees: 20%