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Info - Web Auction 235


1.     How to participate 

The auction will be held on September 16, 2022, starting at 2:00 pm DST.

The following methods of participation are available: online upon registration on our website www.bertolamifineart.com, or on our partner portals (see list below), by a written offer to be received by 10:00 am GMT (11:00 am Italian time) on Friday 16 September.

a.     Internet bid (live participation via our website or our partner portals)

You can place your bids during the auction by logging on to our website https://bertolamifineart.com/ or on the following partner portals: Arsvalue, Bidspirit, Emaxbid, Invaluable, Sixbid.

b.     Telephone bid

You can place your bids during the auction by telephone, with the assistance of one of our operators. In order to take part in the telephone bidding, you must make a reservation by 10:00 am GMT (11:00 am Italian time) on Friday 16 September, specifying the lots you wish to bid for and your telephone number. Customers who have booked this way will be called at the number they have indicated a few lots before those for which they have expressed interest.

(to book your phone bidding: +44 7721 407701 - info@bertolamifineart.com – amministrazione@bertolamifineart.com)

c.      Written absentee bid 

You can submit your bids in writing by filling out the proxy bid form, or by means of an e-mail, or a letter. Written bids must be received by Bertolami Fine Art no later than 10:00 am DST (11:00 am Italian time) on Friday 16 September:
by e-mail (amministrazione@bertolamifineart.com – info@bertolamifineart.com);
by post;
or must be delivered to offices of Bertolami Fine Art  

Written bids shall authorize the auctioneer to make offers on behalf of the signatory.

2.     Pre-auction bids

As from the date of publication of the online catalogue until 10:00 am DST (11:00 am Italian time) on Friday 16 September it will be possible to:

-       start placing bids on our website www.bertolamifineart.com, or on the partner portals as listed in point a of paragraph 1

-       submit written absentee bids as described in point c of paragraph 1.


In the event of:

a.     One single pre-auction bid on a lot


In the absence of bids during the auction, the lot will be awarded at the starting bid even if the sole bid received is higher (the amount of the pre-auction bid indicates the maximum bid the bidder is willing to place.


Example: Starting bid £ 1,000 – Single pre-sale bid £ 1,500 – Award at £ 1,000

b.     Multiple pre-auction bids of the same amount on the same lot


If no bids are raised during the auction, the lot will be awarded to the earlier bidder.

c.      Multiple pre-auction bids of different amounts on the same lot


If there are no bids during the auction, the lot will be awarded to the highest bidder. The hammer price is calculated by adding to the amount of the next lowest bid an increment set out in the table below.


Example: customer A bid £ 1,270 - customer B bid £ 1,800. Customer B does not win at the award price of £ 1,800 but at £ 1,370. In other words, the automatic increase of £ 100 provided for in the table is applied to the amount of the next lowest bid when the bids are within the £ 1,000-1,999 bracket.

3.     Payment methods

The purchasers of the winning lots will be able to choose between the following payment options:

• bank cheque or cashier’s check in favour of Bertolami Fine Arts Ltd with surcharge of £ 10 for foreign checks

• credit card and Paypal

• Wire bank transfers may be made to Bertolami Fine Arts Ltd with surcharge of £ 10 for outside European


Please note: 

Invoices paid by cheque, cash or bank transfer are exempt from the 3.5% administration fee.

4.     Auction fees

The purchaser shall pay Bertolami Fine Art an auction fee equal to 24% of the hammer price of each lot. Ù

An additional commission shall be applied to lots purchased via online participation on our website www.bertolamifineart.com or on the partner portals which is calculated as follows:


www.bertolamifineart.com  +1,5% of the hammer price

Bidspirit +1,5 % of the hammer price

Invaluable +5% of the hammer price


5.     Additional costs

Shipping costs and additional customs duties are to be borne by the buyer.

In the event that, due to unjustified complaints, the goods should be returned to Bertolami Fine Art, the customs duties and shipping costs shall be incurred by the customer.

6.     Conditions of Sale

The conditions of sale that govern the relationship between Bertolami Fine Art Ltd and the customers taking part in our auctions are displayed in each catalogue. As these conditions are automatically accepted from the moment you participate in the auction, please read them carefully. 

In the event of a discrepancy between the conditions of sale published in the printed or pdf catalogue and the version that appears in the online catalogue, the online version shall prevail. 

7.     Publication of auction results

The winning bids list will be published by Bertolami Fine Art on the website www.bertolamifineart.com, for information purposes only, within ten days of the closing date.





Amount bid

Predetermined increase





















Web Auction 235



E-Live Auction Time
Friday, September 16th starting at 3:00 pm CEST ( 2:00 pm London Time)


How to participate
Online throught the website www.bertolamifineart.com
Written absentee bid

Absentee bid
Offers can be made through our website until 11:00 am CEST (10:00 am London Time) on September 16th, 2022.

Buyer's fees: 24%