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A rare classical greek agate scaraboide seal. Hunting scene. -
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A rare classical greek agate scaraboide seal. Hunting scene.

5th century  B.C.
11x14x4 mm

The dog is depicted hunting a bird, which takes off while the quadruped tries to grab it after an ambush. The dog lowers with its two hind legs, in its typical predatory pose ready to jump over the victim, with the tail up and the muzzle extended forward. The bird is identifiable with a dove, an animal equally represented in the classical greek glyptic. In this carving there is the presence of the typical globular element (dog's eye) and of precise engraved details to outline the musculature of the animal, always typical of classical Greek glyptic production. Groundline. This iconography was also used in the greco-persian glyptics. A very similar representation is present on a scarab in blue chalcedony (Paris, BN), while this carving is performed on a beautiful bright red carnelian partially burned on the surface. Through hole and lacks on the back near the passage of the hole. Missing on the edge. Very rare specimen.
J. Boardman, Greek gems and finger rings. Early bronze age to Late classical, n. 572 p. 292; Paris, BN M5749. Blue Chalcedony scaraboid (A) - L.23. A dog and insect (?). Rev. Num. IX, pl. 8.4:
U.K. private collection

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