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Lot 125 - Auction 247

Lot 125

Demerara Distillers Skeldon Full Proof Rum
40.000,00/60.000,00 €
Starting price:
24.000,00 EUR
Current bid:
29.000,00 EUR


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Auction closed


Demerara Distillers Skeldon Full Proof Rum

Georgetown, Guyana. 1 bt - 70 cl;60.5% vol, vintage 1973.
Filling level: within neck (WN), a young wine or in exceptional condition.
Condition report: label and capsule in perfect condition.

Note: Distilled in a Coffey still in August 1973, fully matured in tropical climate and bottled from four barrels in April 2005. Number of bottle: 1/544.


One of a series of legendary bottlings from the brief but beautiful period (2004-2015) when Velier owned a small stake in Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL), which afforded Luca Gargano privileged access the warehouses and his pick of casks to bottle. The Skeldon plantation closed in 1960 and unlike some of the other distilleries being shuttered around this time, its stills did not survive. The production of the style associated with the distillery did however, at Uitvlugt. The distillery’s four-column Savalle still is incredibly versatile, today producing nine different marques, of which the Skeldon “SWR” continues to be one. Following the closure of Uitvlugt in 2000, its stills and barrels were transferred to Diamond distillery. Among them were the 3 barrels that contributed to this rum. These were discovered by Gargano, and having spent an incredible 27 years maturing in tropical weather, were bottled straight away for fear of any further evaporation, or as we like to call it, Angels’ Share.

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