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Fine silver bullion - mark of FEDERICO BUCCELLATI -
300,00/500,00 €
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160,00 EUR
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240,00 EUR


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Fine silver bullion - mark of FEDERICO BUCCELLATI

on the front the inscription ""Mastro Paragon Coppella"" and the signature ""FEDERICO BUCCELLATI""; on the reverse ""Via Condotti"". The friendship between Mario Buccellati and Gabriele D'Annunzio was important. Mario was later referred to by the poet as ""Mastro Paragon Coppella"" and Prince of Goldsmiths. He also established himself as a silversmith, chiseller and gem-setter. The very emblem of this connection with D'Annunzio is the bullion that is engraved on one side with the Mastro Paragon Coppella coat of arms and the signature of his son Federico Buccellati.
Hallmarked ""999/1000"" and ""* 306 MI"".

Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.8 cm. Weight: 100 g.

Item condition grading: ***** excellent.

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