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General Perón's notes for a speech -


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General Perón's notes for a speech

Year 1973, Perón, just returned from exile prepares in his residence of Gaspar Campos in Vincente Lopez his first public outings. In this sheet written in his hand, he writes down the points he will deal with during a speech. The notes were later donated to Armando Benitéz, butler of the house.

Apuntes ológrafos originales del General Juan D. Perón, en su retorno del exilio 1973, escritos en Gaspar Campos, refiridos a los puntos de mensajes que emitiría.
Él se los obsequió al Sr. Armando Benítez, quien estaba a cargo de dicha Residencia y sus Nietos, le aportaron a Funpaz.

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