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Lot 302 - Auction 83

Postcards album 1915 1930
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1.700,00 EUR


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Auction closed


Postcards album 1915 1930

Album containing about 1600 pieces including postcards, photos, flyers, period 1915-1930. Note World War I propaganda postcards, regimental postcards, Royal Carabinieri, satirical anti-AustroHungarian empire, various illustrators Bertiglia, Rubino, complete series of Martini's Danza Macabra, D'Annunzio's epic photo of Fiume, Flight over Vienna, photo postcard of early 1900s aircraft, Serenissima airplanes squadron with pilots, Gabriele d'Annunzio, etc etc
Good condition, postcards applied on thick paper, some postcards detached from the pages
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