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Lotto 4

A rare greek chalcedony seal intaglio. Gorgone.
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A rare greek chalcedony seal intaglio. Gorgone.

Late 6th century B.C.- early 5th century B.C.

14x16x8 mm

Frontal Gorgon's mask. The cheeks are full, the eyes globular, the mouth wide open in his grimace, with the tongue and sharp teeth. The hair is slightly streaked, parted in the center; the ears are protruding. Around the head there are sharp points, (probably to symbolize snakes?). Dotted frame. The subject, of strong apotropaic power, is engraved on a chalcedony scarab. Through hole. Signs of wear and lacks on the edge. Interesting work, performed in the typical style and technique of the late 6th century- early 5th century B.C. Rare. Parallels: G.M.A. Richter, Catalogue of Engraved Gems, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, p. 14 n. 49; J. Boardman, GGFR, pl. 289 (Carnelian scarab, carinated, Gorgoneion); Getty n. 81.AN.76.3.

Provenance: old french collection 1990s, than UK private collection.
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