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DANIELLO BARTOLI (1608-1685) Del suono de’ tremori armonici e dell’udito. Trattati del P. Daniello Bartoli dellla ... Leggi tutto
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Del suono de’ tremori armonici e dell’udito. Trattati del P. Daniello Bartoli dellla compagnia di Giesu. In Roma, a spese di Nicolò Angelo Tinassi, 1679

§ 4to (200 x 140.); [16], 330, [2] pp.; signature: a-b1-4, A-Z1-4, Aa-Rr1-4, Ss1-6 (numbered Ss1-2, Tt1-4). Small woodcut on title page, woodcut tail-pieces and initials, several schematic woodcut illustrations. Contemporary vellum. Inner hinges loosening, very small worm-hole on last page and free leaves. Fine copy.

First edition. Daniello Bartoli, a Jesuit, was the official historian of the Jesuit order and the rector of the Collegio Romano from 1671 to 1673. Beyond his famous historical work on the first century of Jesuit activity and several moral and religious treatises, he wrote some books of scientific subject, such as barometric experiments, acoustics and about phenomena linked to freezing. The present work is the first extensive treatise on acoustics, discipline generally neglected during the XVI and the XVII century. Bartoli devised a series of ingenious experiments to study the movement of sound through bodies of different densities, the speed of sounds different in loudness, pitch and timbre; the form and transmission of sounds and the rules governing harmonic and sympathetic vibrations.. Bartoli was the first to demonstrate that sounds can be conducted through solid bodies as well as through air; he denies Kircher’s and Gassendi’s assertion that loud sounds are endowed with more speed than subdued ones.. A large section is dedicated to the anatomy of the ear, where Bartoli borrows much from Bartholin and Realdo Colombo, but recognizes for the first time the function of the Eustachian tube in the ventilation of tympanic cavity. Ref: DSB I, 483-484; Honeyman 233; Wellcome II, 109; Zeitlinger 4395 (2nd supplement): “Rare”; Gamba 1775; Vinciana 1512.
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