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Charming caryatid-type mirrorMagna Graecia, late 6th century BC


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Charming caryatid-type mirror
Magna Graecia, late 6th century BC
height cm 38,5 (15”)
Characterized by a Caryatid grip, standing on a pedestal, wearing the Ionic chiton and peplos hold up by the left hand, on the right hand a shielded flower stem; two lions springing from her shoulders help support the mirror disk, ornate with incised decoration: stylized patterns and a fighting scene with a centaur on the rear; a rounded sphynx on the top.
This outstanding figure of Caryatid, used as mirror handle, is common in the South Italian bronze production, as attested in comparisons from Croton workshop. The iconography of centaur is also attested in the central panel of a large mosaic of Hadrian’s villa, in which the mythological creature is depicted killing a feline.

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Property of a gentleman from New York since 1974 (with Affidavit of Ownership).

With Analysis Report of Re.S.Artes (R 142747A): "The study of the sample indicates that the metal is naturally weathered. The results concord to the hypothesis of an object from the 6th century BC.

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