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Lotto 306

Very rare gnostic intaglio in green chalcedony (heliotrope). Anguiped cock.
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Very rare gnostic intaglio in green chalcedony (heliotrope). Anguiped cock.

Very rare gnostic Abrasax intaglio in green chalcedony with red spotting (heliotrope). Anguiped cock. The character has a cock head and snake-like legs, and is dressed in military garments. He is holding a shield (the which is deeply carved) in one hand and a sceptre with a whip and a solar crown in the other. In the area: some magical inscriptions, a star, the crescent. The detail concerning the hand shows some unusual bumps (to be identified), the which are engraved with extraordinary skillfullness. The anatomical rendering of the lorica and the faces' details prove a remarkable technical ability, other than an artistic one. The back of the gem is engraved too, and displayed some magical inscriptions to be identified. The specimen, inside his category, appears as an unprecedented item, characterized by an extraordinary engraving quality, probably due to some important commissioning. Interesting possible syncretistic references to the solar cult. Two chippings are on the edge; probably due to the disassembly of the stone from its ancient setting. Signs of wear. Item of great rarity and style. Comparisons: Attilio Mastrocinque, Sylloge gemmarum gnosticarum, vol. 1, pp. 269-293. mm 21x18x 4
2nd - 3rd century A.D.

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