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Chevron Group, third quarter of 4th century BC
height cm 22,5; diam. cm 24

Extremelly fine krater, intact. The main decoration is arranged on both sides of the body. On one side, there is the depiction of a winged Eros, flying towards left. He holds a situla and a tympanum. On the other side, the head of a woman, in profile, adorned with a diadem, earrings and a necklace. In front of her, a mirror. Published in: A.D. Trendall, The Red-Figured Vases of Apulia, III, Oxford 1982, p. 659, n. 99, pl. 245, 3-4. Provenance: English private collection, bought from Arete Gallery in Zurich, on 8 December 1972, copy of the invoice with original old photos taken by Walter Dräyer; on the invoice is written: "Professor Dr. A.D. Trendall, Australia, will give an exact classification on the painter. We have sent him photographs".


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