Los Nr. 367 - Auction 99

Edouard May
Le Cimetière d'Ivry
100,00 EUR


geschl. Auktion


Le Cimatière d'Ivry is an original artwork realized by Edouard May in 1883.

Original etching on paper. Passepartout included.

Signed and dated on plate on the lower right corner.

Excellent conditions.

Very rare impression representing a genre scene; the impression is very fresh and was realized by the artist for the frontispiece of the novel Arthand and Poujol. The art critic Champleury, the most important theorist of Realism in France said: "It was impossible for me to see this impression because it is not present among the volumes of the Bibliothèque Nationale".
12 x 20.5 (foglio), 32,5 x 50 (passepartout), 11x13 (image)

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