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Garibaldi, Giuseppe Maria (Nice, 4 July 1807 - Caprera, 2 June 1882)Wooden watch holder
500,00/600,00 €
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260,00 EUR
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280,00 EUR


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Garibaldi, Giuseppe Maria (Nice, 4 July 1807 - Caprera, 2 June 1882)
Wooden watch holder

Wooden chest to simulate a commemorative monument, carved and inlaid with Garibaldi allegory, to celebrate the enterprise of the Thousand. Vertical rectangular body resting on a horizontal rectangular base; on top is a figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi on horseback; reproduction of the STAR OF THE THOUSAND, a seven-pointed star with a carved trinacria and the words I THOUSAND TO THEIR HEAD, which was donated to Garibaldi by his soldiers after the 1860 expedition; at the corners of the base there are four figures of soldiers with trumpets and rifles; carving at the base with a motif of two lions resting their paws on two stars with the relative words EUROPE, AMERICA (indicating the Two Worlds), and crossed cannons, repeated on both sides; central body with round front opening and rear door to house a mechanical clock and its mechanism, all in light wood, a beautiful relic presumably made for a reducible encounter or more likely as a tribute never given to the Hero of the Two Worlds, second half of the 19th century
Good conservation, figure of Garibaldi with slight damage to the saber and to the base of the horse's legs, some lack of the carvings. Very delicate. Missing from the watch, presumably never fitted one. Measure cm. 73x51x20

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