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RIMET, JulesWorld cup, 1950, miniature trophy -
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RIMET, Jules
World cup, 1950, miniature trophy

Reproduction of the RIMET Cup, the trophy for the soccer world championship awarded in the period 1930-1970 to the winning team of the tournament. The trophy made of bronze, mounted on a wooden support, was given to every single player and member of the staff of the URUGUAY team, world champion in 1930 and 1950, This belonged to Washington Ortuño (Montevideo, 13 May 1928 - September 15, 1973) Uruguayan footballer who won the world title in 1950, as shown on the plate applied to the base. It measures like the original cup, reproduced in half round, and it is extremely rare, considering that since 1970 the Rimet Cup has no longer been awarded and has been replaced by the current F.I.F.A. Provenance of the former Sports Museum of Turin
The cup measures approx. 23 x 11 cm, and the wooden support approx. 28 x 19. Excellent condition

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