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Lot 102 - Auction 264

Porsche 997 TURBO D4S VERSION, 2008/2015 -
245.000,00/280.000,00 €
Starting price:
160.000,00 EUR
Current bid:
160.000,00 EUR


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Auction closed


Porsche 997 TURBO D4S VERSION, 2008/2015

Year of production 2008, Italian car

Year of creation 2015

Documents present,
Vehicle registration certificate, registered to Spanish company, Spanish documents

Regular use and maintenance Porsche with stamp until 17 10 2022

Car with regular registration, so practically a high performance racing car approved in the document for road use, as a unique exemplar. The car has a regular Spanish road circulation document, and passed the governmental control every year. It is a road legal race car.

Keys: two

Chassis WP0ZZZ99Z8S782070997420

Km Indicated: 110,000 km
after a deep total revision only less then 1000 km have been run

Car history

This is the realisation of an ambition of having a road-legal racing car. In Spain it is possible to create a unique specimen which, once approved, can circulate freely throughout Europe.

Vehicle certification

Modified bodies, modified front hood in beautiful high performance full carbon, tightly woven, produced by D4S, with visible carbon fibres.



The car is perfect, never got accident, excellently maintained, original GT silver paint, perfect, protected by entire wrap with a 5-year light blue guarantee, except for the carbon fiber front bonnet.

Original Porsche crystals and windshield, in perfect condition.

Internal condition, perfect, has no signs of wear.

Perfect dashboard

Tyres, ultra-light 12-spoke OZ Ultraleggera rims, Michelin high performance road tires homologated for speed over 300 km/h, standard sizes from the vehicle registration certificate, the car has a spacer at the rear, and carries two tire sizes, front. 235/35/19 and rear 305/30/19 and alternatively 295/35/19 and possibility to mount 18 inch snow tires.

The original Porsche 19” rims are present, well maintained, painted in mate black, and an additional snow set with a 19” after market rims set.

Engine and major car maintenance revised in 2022, since then it has traveled 1000 km. Carried out in Porsche with documented certificate.

Original cooling system, radiator is in very good condition, replaced at Porsche in Italy in 2016, water pump and thermostat are also in very good condition.

Timing chain tuned, no creaks, no noises, overhauled in Porsche

Original injection pump, 100 octane petrol suggested for optimal performances.

Exhaust system three-in-one headers, muffler and 2 x 100-cells catalytic converters, more permeable than original. The car is supplied also with the, almost never used, complete, original full Porsche exhaust system. The custom exhaust was made by X-Ost of Maranello, engine bench tuned to 600 HP, and then revised and tuned by D4S Motorsport for higher power output.
Some components of the complete exhaust system are in titanium.
Maximum bench power output measured at the wheel up to 700hp.

Currently for road legal use is tuned around 600 hp, with a torque of almost 900 N/m

Lightweight flywheel. Reinforced clutch holding more than 1000 newton/meters.

Originally car output was 480 HP.

Wheel bearings, replaced and in order

Gearbox: The car has the shortened Club Sport Porsche gearbox leverage system.
Maximum speed: over 330 km/h

Perfect joints and axle shafts, absolutely no leaks.

Standard Porsche high performance ABS and stability management PSM equipped with aeronautical hoses and high performance brake fluid replaced last year.

Racing pads and discs 80%, Porsche. The car is equipped with road pads, possibly also supplied with the racing ones, which are very slightly noisier.

Original hydraulic steering box

Original stock rear and front adjustable shock absorbers and suspensions from Porsche in very good condition and fully revised in 2021. Two setup: Normal and Sport can be selected by a switch on the dashboard.

Well functioning original Porsche electrical system

Replace some bulbs with LEDs

On-board instruments, analogue.

The machine comes with Chrono-Sport original Porsche option , an analogue digital stopwatch, which on the track provides you with GPS information on the speed of each lap and include a turbo Overboost when engaged in Sport Mode

Perfect headlight system

Alternator OK

Starter motor OK

Neat wipers

Perfect electric window lifter

New 80 amp battery, built for intensive use

Notes: The car has participated also on exhibitions and races on ice, mounting the rally tyres equipped with studs. The car has electronic Porsche automatic torque distribution system, that shifts the torque between the rear and the front axles according with the grip on the slippery surfaces.

The car is a jewel for connoisseurs, car lovers and also for professional drivers who love extreme driving, and the feeling of a manual gearbox ‘old school’ road-legal monster race car.

Tires: OZ ultralight wheels, 12-spoke, Michelin street tires standard size from the booklet, the car has the spacer in the rear, and carries two tire sizes, front 235/35 /19 and rear 305/30/19 and alternatively 295/35/19 and possibility to mount the 18-inch snow set.
The original, well-maintained wheels are present, as well as an additional snow set with 19 rim. The rims supplied are one original Porsche and the other after market.

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