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Philately lots description method

In the description of each object there are three parameters expressed in brackets:

(Quality of the object) (Signatures or Expert Certificates) (Evaluation of the Sassone Catalog). When there is the symbol '' (Cat .--) '' it means that the object has not been evaluated by the catalog or, for objects with varieties or used in an unconventional way, it is not possible to establish the catalog value. Below you can find the legend of the acronyms used to express quality.


LUXURY quality. High quality object, perfect in every part.


EXCELLENT quality. Very beautiful object, perfect in all its parts.


GOOD quality. Perfect objects, quality in the norm.


SUFFICIENT quality. Object with a small imperfection that in our opinion cannot be considered as a defect and that does not affect the rarity of the piece: a heavy cancellation, a pair or a well-marginated strip with a single stamp having a flush margin or just touched in a point, an application wrinkle for stamps preserved on documents, a rubber wrinkle also visible on the front of the stamp, a small yellowing spot, a heavy hinge, letters with rare cancellations (where the value of the stamp does not affect the overall rarity of the subject) franked with a stamp with a margin just touched or lightly touched, tired paper or browned rubber for new stamps.


INSUFFICIENT quality. Objects with minor defects: a touched edge; a not negligible yellowing; a pinhole, a light spot, a slight crease.


Low quality. Objects with more serious defects: Tears, very evident folds, more short edges, strong yellowing.