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Лот 120 - Auction 243

Non identificatoTribute to Boccioni Umberto -
3.500,00/5.000,00 €
4.445,00 EUR


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт


Non identificato
Tribute to Boccioni Umberto

Volume sculpture, lost wax bronze, reinterpretation of the famous work by Umberto Boccioni entitled "Unique forms of continuity in space". Probably an artistic invention to pay homage to the famous futurist painter and sculptor, who died in 1916, who never saw his sculpture made, excluding his plaster sketch. Beautiful evocation of the idea of futurist dynamism, in a work of interesting stage presence. 70's
It measures approximately 88 cm in height, 71 cm in width. In excellent condition

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