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James Gillray (1756-1815)
Light Expelling darkness, - evaporation of Stygian exhalations,-or- The SUN of the CONSTITUTION, rising superior to the ... Читать далее
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Political satire engraving by James Gillray (1756-1815), published in London in 1795 by H. Humphrey with beautiful coeval coloring. One of the most interesting English humorous scenes, engraved by the greatest author of this genre, who is still today considered the most influential political caricaturist of all time. Every important historical moment in England was transformed by Gillray into a "story" that may seem like a real story in images, a film told in a satirical key, often very strong, with characters, cartoons and "call out": the light (of the Government) chase the darkness (of the opposition)

Detailed description: in the center of the scene we see Lord Pitt as a Roman charioteer driving a chariot pulled by the British lion and the white Hanoverian horse above the clouds. Both animals rush furiously in pursuit of the Opposition. One of Pitt's feet rests on a shield bearing the inscription: "Exit Python Republicanus". Behind him a book decorated with a lyre with the inscription "Magna Carta" and in the background the disk of the "Sun of the Constitution": the Hebrew letters "Jehovah" are surrounded by the words COMMONS. KING. LORDS. Behind the chariot on the left, two winged cherubs show a "Bible", and the family tree of the "Brunswick succession".
The English Justice, floating the chariot, while roses fall from his clothes, with his head almost covered and surrounded by a ribbon: "Honorable Peace, or Everlasting War". Bottom left a monstrous hag, with fire-breathing snakes in her hair and the "The Whig Club" ribbon. Under the horse and lion the opposition flees in fear: they are Sheridan, Fox and Stanhope, each of whom drops a dagger from his raised right hand. During the flight they left behind three documents: "Plan to inflame dissidents in Scotland"; "A plan to breed Catholics in Ireland" "Jacobin Prophecies for breeding Sedition in England" In the abyss under the clouds are three small winged creatures: a Lansdowne headed owl and two MA Taylor and Erskine headed bats . I am Lauderdale, the Duke of Norfolk, the Duke of Grafton and Lord Derby. On the right in the clouds flee among snakes and red caps, Lauderdale, with folded hands, the Duke of Norfolk looking around with apprehension, above him the Duke of Grafton, and above again Lord Derby, together with a book: "Raid of the Goths and the Vandals" is a parchment whose jagged edges melt into the clouds.
“Patriotick Propositions” Peace, peace under any conditions. Fraternization Unconditional submission No law, no king, no god.
And behind the "Justice" tiny sans-culottes and destroyed ships flee in the clouds.
45,5 x 35 cm (image)
Very rare engraving, sheet trimmed but with minimally preserved margins, glued on heavy beige paper.

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