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Marie-Alexandre Alophe
La Lecture
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La Lecture is a beautiful original black and white lithograph on paper, signed on plate on the lower right margin by Marie-Alexandre Alophe.

This lithograph was printed by Bernard and Frey (as the note reports on the lower left margin) and published by the French newspaper "L'Artiste" n. 64 in 1834.

In good conditions, with some visible stains and a diffused foxing on the edges and on the lower margin. A white cardboard passepartout is included.

This original print, representing a couple reading a book, regardless of their burning love, surrounded by romantic nature and a Gothic architecture, was realized with a very expressive and wise touch.

28.5x19.7 (foglio), 50 x 32.5 (passepartout), 22 x 16 (image)

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